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On her debut single...

"Kit Lindsey’s love of music shines through in her epic gothic tale “Appalachian Sunday.” The murder ballad — a feminist twist on an old tale with a modern morally ambiguous lens — soars with emotion and simmers with tension."

- Adobe & Teardrops

"Time-travelling us back to an old school murder ballad that will catch your attention, Kit Lindsey shows us the hero and the villain in a modern way that is rather incredible to witness. Her tone is somber, honest, and takes us right into the moment where that fateful moment took place."

- A&R Factory

"the debut single by Kit Lindsey has a brooding ominous presence"

- The Americana UK

Inspired by mountain melodies and stories much older than her, Kit Lindsey pairs big sky honky-tonk with messages that feel authentically southern. Her gritty and undeniably robust voice is the perfect vehicle for the storytelling she brings to her live show. Kit’s debut single speaks to the romanticism and hardships of her raising and demonstrates how her songwriting draws on traditional structures, but in her live show and candor, she is reminiscent of the outlaws of country music in her preservation of a genre gone by.

Kit got her start in her white steeple, small town childhood church in the Blue Ridge foothills. Her parents frequently played and sang in the church and around their home, instilling in her a strong love of gospel, classic rock, country, and folk music. After the disbandment of her first group that centered around blues and alt-country, West of Caroline, Kit recorded and released two debut singles in 2022 produced by Zach McCord at McCord House Recording that allowed Kit to speak through the country music that played an immeasurable role in making her a musician. "Appalachian Sunday" has received praise from Gems on VHS, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Western AF, and more. To date, Kit has performed all over the southeast, sharing stages with notable artists Charles Wesley Godwin, Low Gap, and Tobacco Road. She is currently traveling and growing her live audience with hopes to record more of her original music in the near future.



Stream Kit's latest release, High and Dry.

Or her debut single, Appalachian Sunday.


Full Press

Adobe and Teardops

"Kit Lindsey's Murderous
'Appalachian Sunday' Soars"

A & R Factory

"When The River Took Over:
Kit Lindsey Watches The Birds
Fly Away On Appalachian Sunday"

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